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Fast, reliable service that saves you money.

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

Welcome to Gemstone Tech Studio

Welcome to Gemstone Tech Studio Ltd. We offer a wide Range Of Services To Enable You Grow Your Business. We are professional team of smart individuals, available to provide you the most satisfactory services.

Our smart approach

Because Every Project Is Unique, We…

  • Analyse different components that make up a project
  • Layout a project plan
  • Establish project checklist
  • Execute Project

Communication & Printing Company Right Next Door

Our Unique Services

IT Support | Consulting

We develop and maintain office network infrastructure. Design, develop and maintain your websites and social media presence online.

Printing | Advertizing

Prints and customized Gadgets for your advertising campaigns, as well as personalized gifts for your loved once.

Branding | Graphic Design

All visual solutions for your marketing and advertising campaigns, with high quality end results.

Security Systems

Secure all your valuable asserts, with either surveillance cameras, security locks and GPS tracking systems.

Corporate  Photography | Video

We create unique, engaging and inspirational videos and photo content to support your campaigns

General Office Supply

We Provide general office equipment, stationary & gadgets with customized designs, where need be.

Our Mode of Operation

You are our valued client , and your satisfaction is our first priority.

Affordable Products & Services

We don’t just provide you with quality service, we also give you very affordable prices for the high quality service and products we offer.

High Quality Control

We have in place a stable quality control system, to make sure your finished products reach your door step in perfect condition.

On time delivery

Our delivery service on the other hand makes sure there is no delay. We program your products to be delivered to you in a timely fashion.

Do You Need our I.T & Printing Services

Call Us: +237 6 79 30 81 98 | 6 93 14 62 46

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